The G.C.D.G.A. Match Committee would like to advise all clubs who have entered teams to play in the 2021 Handicap Match Play Interclub Pennant Series that there will be some changes to the overall format as follows:

  1. Teams will remain at six players for A, B and C Grade competitions
  2. Because of our club numbers submitted we are forced into two different formats. One group playing Home and Away and two groups hosting on one occasion only.
  3. With the two groups “THE ST ANDREWS SERIES” and “THE ROYAL MELBOURNE SERIES” all clubs will host and play one round at home during the series while enjoying a bye during another round.
  4. There will be two matches played on that day with the required tee time at 8.00am and the tee should be available for club members by 10.30am [Clubs may vary to suit] 72 players total. With the third group “THE AUGUSTA SERIES” the four clubs enrolled will play HOME and AWAY as previous years.
  5. All matches in the preliminary rounds must not go beyond the 18th hole with a square result recorded 3/3.
  6. In FINAL MATCHES only, host clubs are now advised that where any match is all square [3/3] after the completion of the six individual matches the two number one players will continue to play extra holes as determined by the Association at the time until a winner is recorded.
  7. Because the Association must determine and book the courses for the Interclub Finals twelve months in advance no further discussions will be entered into at any stay with any finalists regarding any home course advantage. If we can avoid this situation at the time – then we will.  I think it’s called a rub of the green.  The Association will make the final decision if and when it is necessary.

         Good Luck to all !


2021 Interclub Draw Draft Augusta Series updated 2.3.21

2021 Interclub Draw Royal Melbourne Series

2021 Interclub Draw ST ANDREWS Series

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