Helensvale Golf Club OPENING DAY

November Friday 29th or Saturday 30th Opening Day

Helensvale Golf Club are excited to announce they will be ready for opening at the end of the month and wish to invite you to the OPENING DAY and to enter to play in their 4 Person Ambrose.

click here for flyer: Helensvale Opening Day

$40 per person – walking or $55 with a cart, includes lunch – served between 11 – 1.30

Two days –  play Friday or Saturday Two Tee Start 7am gunshot and 12pm gunshot

  • Email date, time and names to: helensvalegolf@hotmail.com or phone 0408 724 541

The G.C.D.G.A during October visited Brett Lawton during the massive refurbishment of Helensvale Golf Club and everything is amazing, we look forward to seeing the finished result, they have truly covered all basis in the club house and Brett took us on a buggy tour over the entire course and we could see the extensive work the ground crew have had to do.  With the club being abandoned for so long the course was left to the harsh weather elements and local thrill seekers, so they have had to start from scratch.  To have this member club back on the golf circuit is a win for the Gold Coast and every golfer, local and visitors – put a team together for the opening celebrations – help support Brett and his team for all their hard work. It is excellent to see the club back and being operated by an experienced golfing team.