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Interdistrict Team 2020 RESULTS

Sunday 7th March 2021 BDGA vs GCDGA Inter District 2020 Match was finally contested at Arundel Hills CC.

Another amazing friendly competition between two Queensland Districts who annually meet to contest bragging rights.  Awesome golf was on display and all had a challenging, competitive round on the course and laughs and chatter in the dining room at presentation.

Congratulations to the entire Gold Coast representative players and managers as the Skilton/Marr Association of the Year for 2020 winners.

overall GCDGA 34 to BDGA 6

Next we meet towards the end of the year for the 2021 competition.

Golf Australia Covid 19 Update from 22 and 23rd December 2020

Sorry for delay in posting  – all clubs were email directly by Golf Australia.

COVID-19 Update #2 for Queensland Clubs & Facilities 22/12/20

UPDATE #2 – Tuesday 22 Decemeber 2020, sent 4:00pm

Further to our update this morning (see below UPDATE #), please be advised that we have been informed that the requirement to transition to electronic contact tracing takes effect from 1:00am tomorrow, Wednesday 23 December 2020

UPDATE #1 – Tuesday 22 December 2020, sent 10:00am

Golf Australia is writing to provide further assistance and guidance to Queensland golf clubs and facilities regarding the latest update from Queensland Governments relating to COVID-19 restrictions.

Over the weekend, the Premier made an announcement that all businesses have 72 hours to move away from paper-based check-ins when collecting contact tracing information.


“So we are giving a very clear message to our pubs, clubs and cafes right across Queensland, that you will have 72 hours to get your house in order and that means you must have QR Codes or you must have electronic devices in place otherwise you will be going back to the one per 4 square meter and people will not be able to stand up and enjoy their drinks”, the Premier said.


What does this mean for club?

If a Club operates an existing electronic system of ‘sign in’, that collects necessary contact tracing information, this will be sufficient.


If a Club operates a manual system of sign-in, the Club will also now need implement an electronic system to gather contact tracing information, such as using a QR code system.

In relation to patrons who do not use smart phone technology and are unable to use a QR code system, this issue is currently being confirmed with Queensland Health. Until we obtain more clarity, Clubs should ensure such patrons use any other available system, which may include a paper based system. If using a paper based system, Clubs should ensure that entries are scrutinised to ensure handwriting is legible.

The Queensland Government will be conducting a compliance blitz including spot checks and inspections as an additional safeguard for the community.

Clubs will have until 1:00am on Wednesday 23 December 2020 to ensure compliance in this regard.


We wish to remind everyone of the importance of complying with existing health requirements, particulary with regards to social distancing, hand hygiene and contact tracing.


If you have any further questions, please contact:

Luke Bates

Golf Australia QLD State Manager

Vale Jon Norton

It is with deep sorrow for me to advise all club members of the Gold Coast District Golf Association that one of our long serving (retired) Executive Committee member & President in Jon Norton has passed away on Sunday 1st November 2020.  

Jon has not been well for many years which eventually forced him to retire from our Association in 2010.  Our prayers go out to Annie and Jon’s immediate family during this very sad time but please  be very proud for what Jon has achieved in golf in his lifetime. Jon has played golf right up to some months ago when he body was struggling and his eyesight rapidly declining he felt it was the time to call it quits.  He was able to hold a single figure handicap right to the end.

Jon was born in Victoria and found the game of golf very early.  He soon represented Victoria in Junior Golf and progressed in time as he matured -Jon was the youngest Club Champion at the Northern Golf Club which still stands today.

On moving to the Gold Coast Jon became involved in Junior Golf at The Terranora Country Club where he was Junior Coordinator of Golf and eventually was invited to join the G.C.D.G.A. as their man in charge of the kids and carried out that task.  Jon’s name first appeared in the associations Delegate Minutes in November 14th 1988.  Jon spent the next 10 years in looking after the juniors for the association steering the kids to bigger and better things in the golf world.  

John then became GCDGA President from 1999 to 2009 -he then decided to just play his golf each week with Annie and take things easy.  He then took on the task of historian where Joh researched, travelled to record the History of Golf for the GCDGA – the first 50 years within our Association.  A copy can be found within our website.  

Over the past 12 years Jon’s health deteriorated to a point where he became legally blind which slowed him down considerably but not with his golf as with help still held a 13 GA at his club Surfers Paradise.

Jon was a very rare person who was happy to spend his lifetime in being a father to his kids, introduced and operated the Putt Putt Miami at Mermaid Beach for 20 to 30 years and still found the time to devote to progression of Golf on the Gold Coast through the association and especially his Junior Golf Programs where he played a part in the golf careers of many of our Coast champions today.

The Jon Norton Trophy was established years ago to honor Jon and his many sacrifices he did to volunteer for many many hours over many many years – to help promote and invite junior players to the world of golf.

Thank you Jon and you will always be remember by many.

At this time unless family wishes change a private funeral will be held with immediate family only.  In the near future a memorial service may be held for Jon’s friends and family to share stories and remember a wonderful man.  We will keep you updated.

Farewell friend,

from GCDGA Executive Committee members from over the years “the road was brighter having you by our side”

Golf Australia Clubs & Facilities Update

Dear Queensland Golf Clubs and Facilities,
Golf Australia is writing to provide further assistance and guidance to our clubs and facilities on the Queensland Government’s stage 3 easing of COVID-19 restrictions which commence at midday, Friday 3rd July 2020.
Updated COVID Safe Industry Plans

Golf Clubs and facilities must adopt two (2) COVID-19 Industry Safe Plans.

1.      The Industry COVID Safe Plan for Queensland Hotels and Clubs

2.      The Industry COVID Safe Plan for Outdoor Team Sports

Access the plans
Clubhouse Operations

Changes to seating and alcohol service requirements

Under stage 3 clubs and facilities can;

  • have patrons order, pay, eat and drink at the bar.
  • sell alcohol for consumption on the golf course, provided your license allows it normally. You must still ensure patrons practice physical distancing whenever possible.
  • consume food & beverage without the need to be seated

Clubs & facilities must;

  • ensure patrons practice physical distancing ie, stay 1.5m away from others unless they are in the same group.
  •  manage the risk and numbers of congregated patrons in accordance with their Industry COVID Safe Plan or COVID Safe Checklist.

Changes to patron numbers for facilities

Under stage 3, the number of patrons you can have in the clubhouse is now determined by the amount of floor space you have available.

  • For venues with a floor space of greater than 200 square metres, you are permitted 1 person per 4 square metres
  • For venues with a floor less than 200 square metres, you are permitted 1 person per 2 square metres, to a maximum of 50 patrons.

For example:

1.      If your venue has 300 sqm of floor space (incl. indoor and outdoor), you can have up to 75 patrons (1 person per 4 square metre rule applies)

2.      If your venue has 150 sqm of floor space you can have up to 50 people (1 person per 2 square metres but capped at the 50 person limit)

3.      If your venue has 60 sqm of floor space, you can have up to 30 people (1 person per 2 sqm allowed).

Physical distancing , formerly known as social distancing, rules still apply.

  • Where possible, people should remain 1.5 metres away from others ,except if they are in the same group.
  • It is also important that you manage your business so that patrons are spread across the venue, allowing for physical distancing to be observed.

Collecting Contact Information

All facilities must collect and keep contact information for ALL members, guests, public and staff attending their venue. The following information for each person must be recorded and retained for a period of 56 days:

1.      name

2.      email address

3.      mobile phone number

4.      date and time period of patronage

These records must be complete and accurate, as they are critical for health authorities to contact trace efficiently if a person who is subsequently diagnosed with COVID-19 attended your venue

By collecting the time period of patronage (i.e. in and out time) the number of your patrons required to be contacted by Queensland Health is substantially reduced. It is understood that at some types of venue it may not be possible to record time out for every patron.

This will be an area of concentration for OLGR inspectors over coming weeks.

Facilities do not need to collect contact details for patrons buying takeaway.

Golf Operations

Under the Industry COVID Safe Plan for Outdoor Team Sports, clubs & facilities need to be aware that flagsticks, rakes, NTP markers and scorecards, fall into the definition of shared equipment. Shared equipment needs to be sanitised effectively after each use.

As a result, Golf Australia recommends that golf clubs & facilities continue to apply the local rules within the Play Management guidelines that avoid the need to handle shared equipment.

More info
In stage 3 clubs & facilities may;

  • play in groups of four
  • hold shotgun & multi-tee starts
  • have two people per cart

Clubs & facilities must ensure that;

  • if available, bookings should be made online, via phone or via text message. There should be no ‘roll-up play’.
  • scorecards, if in use, should be distributed and collected using PPE
  • motorised carts, rental clubs, push buggy and sand bucket handles and air compressor handles are sanitised before and after every use
Golf Australia contact

If you require additional information or have questions please do not hesitate to contact David Webber, Club & Facility Support Manager – QLD, 0498 498 242,

Kind regards,
Robert Armour
Interim CEO – Golf Australia



Div 1 & Div 2 Pennant Matches

UPDATE: Please note this Pennant Series is scheduled to recommence with Round 2 on Sunday 1st November 2020 draws have been uploaded under the EVENTS tab on our home page.


Results: 2020-Pennant-Series-Division-1-Round-1-Results-22nd-March-2020

Golf is a wonderful sport to continue to play as you have the great outdoors, sunshine and space to enjoy your sport.  The Gold Coast District Golf Association is working closely with this weekend’s Pennant host clubs Surfers Paradise & Arundel Hills to enable your competition to begin as scheduled this weekend.  Please be assured we will be working with all participating clubs on each round to keep up to date with the Australian Government guidelines that are implemented for that week as we know guidelines are changing daily.  Our aim to keep playing golf, keep supporting our clubs and players is paramount.

Today we can confirm the matches for  Round 1 scheduled on Sunday 22nd March, 2020 will go ahead.  To eliminate over the 100 rule and lots of players inside together with other club patrons which may be in attendance we advise no free catering will be provided to players.  We suggest play your round and then you are free to leave, or working with the under 100 rule – snack bar food if available to purchase in the club house for those wanting refreshments.

Please submit your results through the usual channels of email or photo SMS to the District as usual. We wish you all a fantastic series this year.

Recap:  Clubs have been emailed

Pennant Matches going ahead for Sunday 22nd March 2020

No catering will be provided by the host club

Food available to be purchased inside the host club for those feeling peckish.

No required inside gathering of players & support personnel

Play & Go is A-Okay