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Covid 19

To all our Affiliated Clubs and Members,

I am writing to you because of the unprecedented situation we now find ourselves in where the COVID-19 virus has become a major threat to Global Health around the World and to our safety with-in Queensland. The GOLD COAST DISTRICT GOLF ASSOCIATION is taking direction & advice from GOLF AUSTRALIA  and it has been decided to cancel all golfing activities for the entire 2020 year at this stage.

With the uncertainty of any golf club being able to remain open and play golf in any format for the time being the Associations Executive Committee has decided to shut down all pre-booked golf competitions until further notice. It would be impossible for the association to complete any of the pennant competitions under these circumstances so this decision was not difficult to make. Border closures and now new directives from Golf Australia overnight and today it is unfortunately the most appropriate action that we can take.  I have liaised with several clubs this morning and everyone agrees due to the overall implications.

Once we are over the virus hurdle and life gets back to some sort of normality and all restrictions are lifted we as an association realize the importance of clubs to have full access to their time sheets so we will not interfere.  This is your rebuilding time so we will step back.

I will now begin on our 2021 program and book golf courses as required for our many events. You can expect to hear from me soon.

All meetings scheduled for 2020 are also cancelled until further notice.

The A.G.M under these unusual circumstances cannot be held as scheduled on 12th May 2020, we are liaising with the Industrial Licensing Unit in Brisbane to obtain written approval as required to postpone or modify Annual General Meetings to suit our legal requirements.  They can take up to 4 weeks for an actionable response.   It may be a postal AGM or a deferred meeting date?   We will keep you updated.  We have had the Districts financial audit completed early and we will have the annual report and all necessary information prepared by our usual date. I will be available 23hrs a day on 0412 630 180 if you have any questions or queries regarding any issue.

I will be contacting all clubs in preparation for our 2021 season to firstly confirm your availability and what events you would like to enter. We will then talk about dates.

We will continue with the complete operation of our Association through this very difficult period we find ourselves in because the association WILL be there in 2021, rebuilding with you.

I would like to wish all our clubs the very best of luck for the immediate future and look forward to a very speedy recovery for all once we get through this mess.

Neil Steinhardt President & Barry Neill Secretary

with Committee:  Ray Piper, Paul Orchard, Ian Mitchell & Steve Stanton