The annual three way pennant match between G.C.D.G.A. – S.E.Q.D.G.A. and the N.R.D.G.A. hosted this year by us and played at Arundel Hills Golf and Country Clun on Sunday 13th October, 2013

Excellent Day – Excellent Results –

Open Team GCDGA won 312 points

Seniors Team GCDGA won 323 points

Colts Team GCDGA won 326 points

Juniors Team GCDGA won 310 points

Thank you to Northern River District Golf Association and South East Queensland District Golf Association for a wonderful day and excellent golf.

Thank you to all players – being selected to represent your District is a mark of honour to your sportsmanship and skill on the course which we congratulate. Thankyou to all players from all Districts but especially thank you to GCDGA representatives:

Team Players:

Open: Chris May, Dillon Hart, Neville Hogan, Simon Viitakangas & James Gibellini.

Seniors: George Spilane, Glen Ferris, Bob Jones, Brad Dowling, Len Korn

Colts: Scott Jolly, Hayden Luxford, Jack Hulyer, Nick Parker, Tom Hunt

Juniors: Josh Edgar, Tristan Nicholls, Hyunsik Kong, Ben Elliot, Jack Sullivan.

Well Done Boys – 4 Wins in all 4 Categories – Terribly proud of you all.

Congratulations to Damien Jordan Northern Rivers rep player Best Score of the Day 70.

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